How to Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Procrastination

Do you want to get rid of your FAKE values and have freedom to things that bring you joy with ease?

Hey my gorgeous Queen! My name is Precious Lindiwe Nthibogelang, a woman with many hats; business woman, a wife, a mother to a toddler, a healer, chef for the homeless and I will stop here for now. I am pretty sure you can relate to wearing a lot of hats as a woman now can you? Well, I would like to share something personal about myself with you today.
6 Years ago I found myself having an anxiety attack every other day because I had so much on my plate. I was literally hospitalized because of these anxiety attacks!
I remember being fetched by the ambulance from work and my colleagues trying to convince me that everything will be OK while I lay there gasping for air. Now although I have a tattoo, I actually have a phobia for needles going into my veins so when they tried to insert the drip I literally asked them to give me the drip to drink instead. I begged the nurse, even negotiated that even if they gave me the drip as 25L for me to drink I would finish it and the nurses found this funny! They still poked my veins because I needed to have the drip go straight into my bloodstream.
This was it for me! I was tired of living like this! I told myself that there had to be more to life than this.
I bought lots of books that my friends and motivational speakers suggested only to read a few pages and leave the books looking pretty on the shelf. Then I joined the gym because hey, exercising is great for stress relieving right? Well you guessed right, I paid for the gym membership, went the first month excited and ready to face life but slowly stopped going until I was paying for the gym card to decorate my purse and nothing more. I did affirmations and meditation and all these felt like I was doing nothing, leading to me feeling like even more of a failure.
I even went for therapy! I remember at some point my husband asking me what it was I did at therapy because it seemed I am getting worse. I felt like such a failure! Here I was putting in so much effort to be OK and instead I was getting worse. As a top achiever from school, I was no longer giving my A-grade performance at work even though I was putting in the extra hours and working on weekends to try and catch up and prove that I was a great employee. Since nothing was working, I resorted, unintentionally so, to eating a lot of sugar and period pains showed me flames! My skin became worse and that took me back to my best friend at the time, anxiety attacks and a terrible relationship with my husband!
At some point I even wanted to commit suicide because wow, it just felt so overwhelming
No, I am not sharing this for you feel sorry for me, not at all! I am sharing this to show you where I have been because now I don't even remember what an anxiety attack feels like anymore, in fact I no longer even have period pains now, story for another day. In me trying to find a solution, after having paid thousands, I kid you not, I discovered that I was scraping the surface all along! I came to learn that I was in fact married to and living according to my FAKE VALUES
Yup, fake values. Now I won't tell you exactly how I discovered these fake values because like I said, it was after having paid thousands to different people but I will tell you this, I don't want you having to go through the same process and lose so much money just to find your true values

My True Values Masterclass

I am a visual kind of person, I want to be able to put pen to paper and get practical, BUT... it has to be simple and this exactly what I love about this masterclass
It is literally 4 simple steps and as a lover of ease, this is heaven for me!

Are you tired of committing to one thing only to get bored and leave it midway and then feel guilty afterwards?

Imagine if you could do things that actually bring a smile to your face, CONSISTENTLY without feeling like you are putting in too much effort

  • Do you ever join the gym only to treat it like a NGO where you pay and never show up?

  • Do you ever wonder why you find it so hard to do something you think you love?

  • Do you procrastinate a lot and then stress about not getting results?

  • Do you multitask so much that you feel drained at the end of the day?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions then this masterclass is PERFECT for you!

I get a lot of questions on how come I am so confident and why it is easy for me to say no without feeling guilty or to just walk away from anything that leaves me feeling useless or overworked and I will share one of my secrets with you... I KNOW MY TRUE VALUES AND ALIGN WITH THEM!

And today I want to share this technique with you so you too can

  • Stop procrastinating

  • Stop feeling guilty for not doing things you think you want to do

  • Stop giving too much of yourself

  • Align to your true values and enjoy who YOU really are

  • Focus on things that make you happy

  • Have time for yourself and what actually matters to you, you know, like spending time with your kids even when they say "mommy" 50 million times a day and that hot partner of yours

  • Know when you are tempted to do something that is not you, but the “people pleaser in you

  • Say no with ease

  • Rest without feeling guilty

  • Plan your day effectively so that you don't run around like a mad woman on steroids


Self care is a critical part of life to make sure you make time for yourself. As a mother, a wife and a woman wearing so many hats I need to be intentional about myself care, MY WAY. Because I have seen the benefits of this self care method used with MY true values, I am giving it to you, for FREE!

Self Care Worksheet worth R399.99 & Self Care Masterclass worth R2500 - Yours for FREE!


Here's what other Queens have to say

Sibusisiwe Thobela

"I’d like to thank you for hosting the True Values Masterclass. It has become one of my core references for life. With so much that happens in my social, professional and personal life I have found that taking time to re-evaluate what my values are helps clear my thinking and focus my priorities."

Tshegofatso Mathole

"That experience changed my life. Growing up as a child every decision is made for you, you are being molded through another person's opions and experiences. Therefore their values are engraved on you till they become part of you. It takes a lot of unpacking to get to your true self 😊.I am very happy that during the masterclass I was able to redefine my true values. Knowing your true values benefits you a lot, you can confidently say YES or NO to something because you know if its value or not.. I gladly recommend to everyone to attend the masterclass and define their own values."

Are you ready to toss out those values that make you keep hoping tomorrow will be better with no success?

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    • My True Values Masterclass

    • Forgive youreself

    • Let's do a bit of reflection, shall we?

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